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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable car hire company in Kenya? Expeditions Maasai Safaris offers the best car hire rates for tour buses in Kenya.


To hire a 22 seater, 33 seater, 44 seater or 50 seater tour bus for airport transfers, sightseeing or day trip in Kenya needs not be expensive. As a trusted car hire company in Kenya for over 7 years, Expeditions Maasai Safaris offers the best care hire rates to hire a tour vehicle in Kenya.

How much does it Cost to Hire a Tour Bus for a day in Kenya?

Here are the best Car Hire Rates to hire a tour bus in Kenya for a day:

Enjoy the best rates to Hire tour buses for a day trip with Expeditions Maasai Safaris Car Hire service.

Rates to hire a tour bus for a day

fromto18-28 SEATER33 SEATER50 SEATER
JKIACity centre6,0008,00010,000
JKIAWilson Airport6,0008,00010,000
SGRcity centre7,0008,00012,000
JKIASafari park hotel / kasarani8,50010,00012,000
JkIAWindsor / Gigiri8,50010,00012,000
TownLukenya / Manzoni Lodge12,00015,00020,000
JKIAMethodist Guest House7,5008,50010,000
TownBomas of Kenya / Karen Blixen / Giraffe Centre8,00010,00012,000
TownNairobi National Park12,00015,000
TownFull Day * Nairobi12,00015,00018,000
TownLimuru drop off12,00018,00023,000
TownDrop off Namanga25,00035,000
Half day disposal nairobi8,00010,00012,000
Drop off Oloitok Tok35,00040,00050,000
Drop off Naivasha, Machakos, Sagana17,00018,00030,000
Drop off Nakuru, Nyeri, Embu20,00030,00040,000
Day trip to Meru35,00037,00050,000
Day trip to Nanyuki23,00025,00045,000
Day trip to tafaria castle28,00030,00050,000
Day trip to Nyandarwa20,00024,00040,000
Day trip to kirinyaga20,00024,00045,000

How much does it cost to hire a tour bus for 2 days in Kenya

Enjoy the best rates for overnight trips or multiday trips when your hire tour buses from Expeditions Maasai Safaris.

Overnight (2 Days) Rates to hire a tour bus

fromto18-28 SEATER33 SEATER50 SEATER
NairobiMombasa (North Coast)60,00075,00090,000
NairobiArusha (Including border fees)60,00070,000100,000
NairobiMalindi (Including border fees)85,00095,000110,000

What is Included in charges above:

What is not Included in the rates to hire a tour bus in Kenya:

Which is the best company to for Car Hire in Kenya or to Hire Tour Buses in Kenya?

Expeditions Maasai Safaris is the best car hire company to hire tour buses in Kenya and this is why.

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