Celebrate the 2022 Easter in Diani with Expeditions Maasai Safaris 4 Days Diani Easter SGR packages.


Celebrate the 2022 Easter in Diani with Expeditions Maasai Safaris 4 Days Diani Easter SGR packages.

These are 3 nights Diani SGR packages for some of the best hotels in Diani Beach.

Diani Hotels Easter Prices

If you are looking for the best prices and rates for Diani hotels this 2022 Easter holiday, we have prepared these pocket-friendly Diani Sgr packages with you in mind.

Here are the rates for 4 Days, 3 Nights Diani Easter SGR Packages:

Diani 2022 Easter SGR PackagesPer Person Sharing RatesSolo Traveller RatesChild RatesMeal Plan
Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel, Diani BeachKES 30,500KES 41,000KES 14,000.00All-Inclusive
Neptune Village Beach Resort & SpaKES 35,000KES 41,000KES 16,250.00All-Inclusive
Neptune Palm Beach Boutique Resort & Spa, Galu BeachKES 41,900KES 51,500KES 19,700.00All-Inclusive
Neptune Paradise Beach Resort & Spa, Diani BeachKES 35,900KES 45,500KES 16,700.00All-Inclusive
Diani Sea Lodge, Diani BeachKES 32,000KES 46,700KES 14,750.00All-Inclusive
Diani Sea Resort, Diani BeachKES 34,700KES 50,300KES 16,100.00All-Inclusive
Baobab Beach Resort & Spa, Diani BeachKES 48,800KES 74,450KES 23,150.00All-Inclusive
Southern Palms Beach Resort, Diani BeachKES 41,000KES 62,000KES 19,250.00All-Inclusive

What is Included in the Diani Easter SGR Packages above?

These Diani hotels sgr packages include:

  • Two way Economy-class SGR tickets
  • Private hotel transfers from the SGR station in Mombasa
  • Accommodation for 2 nights in a standard room
  • 3 Meals for every night booked, All-Inclusive meal plan
  • Unlimited flow of select soft and alcoholic drinks
  • snacks
  • use of Diani hotel amenities

What does per person sharing means?

Per person sharing means the amount each adult will pay when sharing a room with another adult

What does the solo traveller rate means

This is the amount a person will pay for this Diani Easter SGR package when travelling alone.

What is the child policy for these Diani Easter SGR Packages?

Infants or children below 2 years will not pay. The child rate applies for each child sharing a room with the adults.

How do I book Diani hotels Easter SGR Packages?

To book your Easter holiday to Diani, please WhatsApp +254783999999, write an email to marketing@expeditions.co.ke or simply fill this form

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